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Tyler Crane at Puddle Jumpers Live Music
  • Dec. 10 - Tyler Crane 2-6pm

  • Dec. 15 - Mark Houghton 6pm -10pm 

  • Dec. 17 - Tyler Crane 2-6pm

  • Dec. 22 - Tyler Crane

  • Dec. 31 NYE Party - Upstairs in our Banquet Room. Get your tickets before they sell out ​


New Year's Eve Party


It's going to be a fun, exciting night with a Tina Turner Tribute show, DJ afterward, a costume contest, a Dinner Buffet, Hot hors d'oeuvres, free champagne toast and party favors plus It's a GLOW PARTY meaning there will be black lights everywhere and we supply FREE BODY/FACE PAINT. Soft drinks are included in the Ticket Price while alcohol is available for additional purchase. The buffet is available 6:30pm - 8:00pm.

KITEI'S TINA TURNER TRIBUTE SHOW begins at 8:00pm followed by our COSTUME CONTEST and DANCING with music supplied by me, DJ JOSH, playing all of your favorite Retro and Current Dance hits.


Tickets are $70 and are available by going to:

Entertainment Area at Puddle Jumpers Tavares
Bands and Entertainment at Puddle Jumpers Tavares.webp
Bands - Black Canvas at Puddle Jumpers Tavares at Night
Mark Houghton Country Singer at Puddle Jumpers
Concert at Puddle Jumpers Restaurant
Black Canvas at Puddle Jumpers Tavares
Jukebox Bingo Promo-Puddle Jumpers Thursdays 6:30pm

Join us Thursdays starting at 6:30pm for Jukebox Bingo. Test your music knowledge, sing along and even break out in a dance! It's a fun night and you can win prizes!

8 for 8 Wings promotions at Puddle Jumpers

Join us on Thursdays for our new Special 8 wings for $8. See our full menu and our specialty drinks.


Soar into flavor with The Pilot's Platter:

  • A succulent Angus center-cut sirloin steak, grilled to perfection and bursting with juicy satisfaction.

  • Golden-fried shrimp, crispy on the outside and tender within, offering a delightful crunch and succulent bite.

  • Our signature homemade lump crab cake, brimming with fresh crab meat and expertly seasoned for a burst of coastal goodness.

Every bite is a flavor adventure, perfectly complemented by:

  • Golden, crispy fries for a satisfying side dish.

  • Steamed broccoli adding a touch of healthy freshness.

The Pilot's Platter is more than just a meal; it's an experience. Come to Puddle Jumpers and prepare to be transported to a land of culinary delight!

Pilot's Platter Steak Dinner
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